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html help

Advertise your web site on Rick's Cafe. There is a limited number of text link ad spaces available.
Your link needs to be a text link of one or two words in a sentence.
The cost of a text link ad on index.html, htmlhelp, and codes, codes2, codes3 is $100.00 per year.
All other pages are $75.00 per year. On the pages mentioned no banner ad space is available.
However, a very limited number of spaces are available for banner advertisement on most other pages.
Banner ads need to be no larger than about 50x450. Banner ads are $195.00 per year for the top of a page and $145.00 for the bottom.
No ads with movement in them will be accepted.
I must approve the advertisement and reserve the right to reject or refuse ads for subject matter or looks.
To purchase ad space or for more information
Payments accepted through Paypal only.

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