This page will no longer be updated with each so called upgrade or update. The reason being, with every upgrade it is the same type of bugs. In short, when an upgrade fixes or tries to add a feature, something has to be lost because of the limited memory in the unit. Because of the issue this page becomes redundant. For more specifics on what is or isn't working with the current upgrade you can use MsnTv's discuss groups or go to the Cafe's WebTv/MsnTv Forum.

Upgrade Bugs 2001

I have read and signed the online petition: "DISATISFIED WEB TV CONSUMER PETITION" hosted on the web by PetitionOnline.com, the free online petition service, at: http://www.PetitionOnline.com/BAMMO49 I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look, and consider signing yourself.

You can get the retrograde or upgrade (summer 2.6.1) by clicking help from your WebTV home. Under Using the Web click latest news then how to get retrograde. Of course, if your unit is like mine, when you click help all you get is a blank screen with a latest news link in the upper left corner. When you click the link it does nothing......12-13-00 It seems the help link problem has been fixed.
3-11-01 The link from the WebTv help page seems to be in and out of service.

2.6 Upgrade Bugs

See the Cafe's WebTv Forum for the latest WebTv news, bugs, issues and upgrade status.

November 16, 2000
Finally got a response from MsnTv about the 2.7 bugs after eight days and three e-mails. They said they know of the bugs and are working to fix them. They also said it may take a while and have no time of resolution. Same thing they said about the 2.6

November 14, 2001
I have retrograded back to 2.6.1. Bugs I experienced with the 2.7 include not being able to access some sites I have no problem with the 2.6.1, sidebar problems, frames not working properly, javascript that worked doesn't any more and pop up ad problems I believe is associated with the javascript or frame bug. I only had it for a day so I'm sure there are more.

October, 24 2001
The 2.7 so called upgrade has only been out a couple of days and there are problems already with chat, tv listngs and css. Some commands do not work with style sheets anymore. TV listings are non existent or wrong. Chat is not accessable for some users and handles are have guest_ in front of them. No doubt this the tip of the iceburg and more bugs will surface....11-12-00...TV listings are fixed and css is working.

September 5, 2001
With the change to MsnTv comes a few bugs. These are not new they just seem to be a little worse than usual. Connection problems, slow surfing, shut downs, redirects and page too big. Not to mention are friend the javascript bug seems to be out of control.

June 18, 2001
The 2.6.1 update has been availble for a few days now. It is supposed to address bugs in the 2.6 upgrade. As far as I can tell a lot of the same bugs still persist. I have noticed no difference as has others who have posted in news groups.

May 4,2001
Nothing new from WebTv on when an update, to fix the 2.6 bugs, will be available. If you have 2.6 and want to retrograde back to 2.5.5 use this code from your WebTv Home. wtv-tricks:get-2.5.5 You can upgrade to 2.6 by using wtv-tricks:get-2.6 from your WebTv home.

April 27, 2001
WebTv is experiencing major cookie problems. This is a lot of trouble for users who need cookies to be identified by certain web sites. It is also of major concern to web sites that depend on affiliate programs for revenue. Affiliate programs depend on cookies to know who to credit with your click through or sign up. Without proper cookies these sites can not issue credit whose ads you click. Therefore no revenue from WebTv viewers or for WebTv users who use these programs.

April 11,2001
After using the 2.6 for a while I have had to retrograde to 2.5.5. The slowness, javascript bugs and overall poor performance was just too much. Just like last summers upgrade. After speaking with a WebTv engineer he said the problems couldn't be fixed now and a 2.6 update in the future would take care of the 2.6 bugs. Same old same old from WebTv.

March 24, 2001
Here is an email i received from WebTv concerning the upgrade. It seems the upgrade will be on hold a while longer.

Thank you for your email regarding the February upgrade. Regrettably at this time the upgrade has been post pond to errors in the programming of it. However the upgrade will be re-released within the next few weeks with the programming errors fixed.
Thank you for contacting WebTV Support!
WebTV Network Support

March 13, 2001
Because of bugs and extreme slowness WebTv stopped putting out the upgrade, a Microsoft engineer told me. They were to work on the problems and users should begin getting the upgrade again soon. Everyone i know who has taken the upgrade has reported some problems. In addition to those in the March 2, post other reported problems are, can't connect, email slow or won't open, IM crashing, javascript bugs, printer and audio problems. I haven't received the upgrade yet, it looks like i have a lot to look forward to.

March 2, 2001
Bugs have already been reported with the new winter 2001 upgrade. Most are the same as with the summer 2000 upgrade. Reported problems are slowness, blank screens, getting directed to the url of pop-up ads and cookie problems. This upgrade was supposed to fix bugs in last summers upgrade. For more on last years fiasco click here. Stay tuned cartooners it looks like it's going to be another bumpy upgrade.

January 4, 2001
The connection problems seemed to be my modem speed getting switched somehow. I noticed one day that my "handshake" sounded different, it sounded like the old 33k modem. When i emailed the engineer and told him, he checked and sure enough my modem speed had been switched. He switched it back to 56k and my unit is performing a lot better now but, no one knows how or why my modem was switched.

December 20, 2000
My connection problems got so bad i had to email Dennis Reno again, after i called and a csr told me it was "my phone line" and "there was nothing WebTv could do". That phone line crap is getting really old. Anyway, Dennis put me in touch with an engineer and we are currently workng on the problem.

Summer 2000 Upgrade Bugs


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