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With the WebTv 2.6 upgrade the ability to use javascript to call up some client info has been lost. WebTv says they had to do this for "security reasons".
However you can still call up your client info with your WebTv e-mail word list. Sounds a bit strange but it works, at least till the next upgrade.
From WebTv home click settings...then click mail...then word list.
In the text box type the following code, to get the info you want, then click add. The info for the code you typed will be displayed.
You can also get browser and client info by using the 411 power off code.
With your WebTv unit off...push options three times....then type 411...the lights on your box should blink...then power on. Your info should be displayed. You can then go on and connect or power off.
Modem Rate: &rate;
Client Version: &vers;
Silicon Serial ID Number: &wtv-ssn;
Chip Version: &wtv-chipvers;
Boot Version: &wtv-bootvers;
System Configuration: &wtv-syscfg;
CPU: &cpu;
Video Info: &wtv-vidinfo;
Screen Res: &wtv-scrres;
Version: &wtv-appvers;
Advanced Options: &wtv-adv-opt;
Volume Level: &vol;
URL: &url;
Tone Dialing: &tone;
Page Title: &title;
Thumb Address: &thumb;
Tempo: &tempo;
Pulse Dialing: &pulse;
ISP Name: &pname;
No Call Waiting: &nowait;
Last Modified: &mod;
ISP User Name: &lname;
Keyboard Type: &kbd;
Font Size: &fsize;
Find Box: &find;
Last URL: &exurl;
Wait For Tone: &dtone;
Date: &date;
BYOISP: &byoisp;
Border Shade: &brdrs;
ISP Dialup#: &banum;
ISP Backup Dialup#: &banm2;
Audio: &audio;
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