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I am honored that these people have accepted my rockin' site award. They have some wonderful sites. I hope you find them as fun, interesting and informative as i have. Check them out for your self and sign their guestbook to let them know you were there. Tell 'em rick sent ya!:)


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Chief Geronimo
Moochie's DogHouse
Keith's R.A. MIRC
Gal Curls Dollhouse
Native Paws
Wendy and Keith's Real Audio
Papajo's Place
Biff's TMBG Stuff
Janie and Bill's
Ink and Paper
Lady Stepha's
Cyber Flight
Aina's Sigs
GameShark Codes
Scooby Dooby Doo
Top Colleges Guide
Enuff Znuff
Judy's Fantasy
Rick's Ritings
Williams Music
Morgaine's Tapestry Tales
Rebel's R.A. Music
Web Desk Utilities
R-T'z Muzik World
Vibrant Mind
TL514's IRC
Sandpiper's Nest
Salem Angel
Tim's Family Pics
Amy's Mystic Poetry
Addicted Ones F-Key
Cinderella Still Rockin'
Genni's F-key's
Bob's Space
Tboob...The Bald One of Brooklyn
Lasher's Darkworld
Allison's Velvet Underground
Baby Doll's HTML Emporium
Phil Townley's Cats Music Travel
Bon-Bon's Mom
Flasher 2
Lady Timeless Treasures
WWII in the Pacific
Keith's World
Pine Flat Dons
Shirley's Midi World
Axe's Real Audio
Fireman's Hot Audio
Midnight's Real Audio
Silent John's Rock&Roll Fantasy
Jade's Real Audio
Stacy's Audio Paradise
Nel's Place
The People's Music Corner
Chamber Of Fear
Institute for Astroenergetic Studies
& Manjushri-Mandala
Texas Precancel Club
N.W.O.M. R/A Music
Rod 758