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Are you building your own web site or thinking of starting a personal web page?...Then check out the HTML help page....Featuring easy copy and paste HTML CODES....Info on HOW TO COPY and PASTE...How to make and use TABLES....With additional information on page ALIGNMENT....and using your own image for custom CURSORS....Learn what META TAGS are for and where to use them....Web based TOOLS...Entity CHARACTER CODES and keyboard SYMBOLS...plus a whole lot MORE...All the basics to get your site up and running.

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In the MUSIC room there are some MIDI rock and roll tunes....also some of my favorite CHRISTMAS midis....plus some holiday gifs....and current information on my BAND or recent music project.
Visit Rick at Reverb Nation to listen to original compositions and download a free song.

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The WebTv-MsnTv pages have been archived and no new updates are available from this site or MsnTv. All pages in the Cafe that are MsnTv-WebTv specific are marked at the top of the page with the MsnTv logo. MsnTv units are no longer being produced. All MsnTv news, if any, will be posted in the Cafe's MsnTv/WebTv Forum. As of September 2013 WebTv/MsnTv has ceased operation.

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Information on how to create and use your email SIGNATURE....and some tips for trying to control and deal with that ever pesky SPAM.

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This is a literary collection of some of my writings, POETRY and observations. These samples span the past twenty five years. A few of these may not be suited for some sensitive or younger viewers.

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AFTER HOURS is a personal page reserved for some of my favorite links and things I like from around the World Wide Web....In the BASEMENT is where I post my views, opinions and rants on currrent domestic and foreign political, social and economic issues....Do not email me asking if I know what opinions are like:)
Check current live RADAR and weather conditions for the Huntington, WV area and the Mid Atlantic region
Upload some CHRISTMAS and HALLOWEEN GIFS....A few of my favorite fast, and easy RECIPES

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