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You can change the cursor for a page with css in the HEAD tag or just in a paragraph
on a page with an internal style tag.
You can also use an external style sheet to link to.
To change the cursor in just a paragraph on a page,
use the inline style tag.
This code is inserted in the paragraph style tag.

This will give you a crosshair cursor in that pragraph.
I have set the cursor for this paragraph as crosshair.

cursor:help is a question mark

cursor:pointer is a hand

cursor:wait is an hourglass

cursor:crosshair is crosshairs

cursor:move is a diamond

cursor:text is an "I" bar

cursor:default is an arrow or what
you have set as your default cursor

cursor:url (cursor image url), auto
Cursor image URL is the http:// address of your image
Auto is for the default or automatic cursor of the browser.
This needs to be stated because not all browsers recognize cursor:url
In that case the browser would use what is automatic for it.

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