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"I wouldn't recommend sex, drugs
or insanity for everyone, but they've
worked for me."
Hunter S. Thompson

Rick's Beat is a collection of my Writings~Poetry~Observations~and Words
Some of which may not be suitable for sensitive or younger viewers
~~~Enter At Your Own Risk~~~

~~~~~Rick's Beat~~~~~
Open your doors
From the inside
The works of time
Deny the mind
Truths of the theatre
False in mime
Vibrant shores
Caramel whores
Pyres of sand
Wakes famine
Eyes that hide
Reflecting tides
Cat's cry
Reign the day
Stronger than high tide at full moon
With more doubt than reason
Save the treason
From the room
A pizza puke
Is better than
A chili puke
'cause you don't get
Beans caught
In your nose
The tides of life
Wash away
The footprints
Of who you are
Dark rivers run
Through the sands of time
Starving the soul
Of dreams
Living is what you do
While you are waiting
To get the hell outta here
Do butterflies
And bees
The missiles
Will send the message
Of diplomacy
No sanctuary
In the killer's mind
The weight of atlas
Turns to sand
Climb the tower
Stalk the train
Big mac please
Asian plague
Slash the night
Dead two
Dead three
Dead Four
A costume of words
Makes a poet
Sometimes you can
Never find a good place
To get rid of
A bomb
You are only as
Good as
Your last note
That's why i play
A lot of notes
Bitch's bait
Butterflies fate
Cocoons mate
Just another
Hangin' on the tree
Spiders try to
Eat me
Stupid Fools
Life is a nightmare
You're just awake
When it happens
The rhythm
Of the soul
Doesn't always
Stay on beat
With the heart
Or on time
With the mind
Rules of war?
Lightening bugs
Sure are cool
I mean really
Don't ya wish
You could light
Your ass up
Anytime you
Wanted to
Sadam gives all
Civilized people
With anthrax
A bad name
The swing set
Stands silent
In the back yard
Another child
Slain by the
Hands of time
The green-eyed
Sister of satan
Sucks another soul
Promises of a
Harvest of lust
Plows the vein
Of temptations host
Your ghost
Prowls like a
Jackal in the night
Stalking the prey
Of another mans feast

Hedonistic bands of thieves
Raping demons in the mind
Bathing with serpents eyes
The eclectic vamp
Dances through the mind
Composing carnal reign
On the other side
Whispering songs
Waiting there
Creating a maze
Lost to one's self
I've got more patience
But less time to be patient
Sultry august
Nigh the night
Long ago laughter
Behind the moonlight
The reach of yesterday
Away ships pass
Reprise the night
You are not the jury of my peers
I have no peers...I am free
If you have peers you can not be free
Of mind of spirit of body or soul
Smell the full moon's blood
Through the cat's eye
Rains light
Impales the night
Restless dogs wait
For masters return
The blue moon's
Silent song
Who wants to burn the constitution
Who wants to laugh at the bill of rights
Guaranteed rights taken away
Because some people say
Check points live crew
Search your car if they want to
Curfews piss tests
No guns to protect
You can die for your country
But you can't buy a drink
Can't work here if you smoke
Even though your perfume
Makes me want to choke
Don't burn the flag burn a book
Is stalin back or what
Robbing stealing drug wars
While the sheriff busts whores
You can't think free in cincinnati
Storm clouds mask the valley
In ominus vigil
Winds race through
The forbidding sky
Lightening sting of rath
Pours in the indigo valley
Deep voices echo the torment
Of the lost souls
Static air stalks the wounds of time
The liquor of the storms rape
Sobers the troubled minds
The valley thirsts for redemption
But has no course or recourse
Relentless journey of rapes fluid
The full moon stands silent
Watch dog of the night
Marble skies cat's eyes
Night clouds whisper
Embracing the stillness
On the sharp edge of insanity
Dark vigil of heart stakes
Pierces the quiet
Through the open doors
Of consciousness

It's not all
Black and white
Sometimes the grey
Is so thick
You can't see your self
The butterfly dreams
As the lizard screams
Butterflies are free
Why not me
The desert is my prison
I can't change
From a cocoon
To fly away
The butterfly
Lies warm
In the belly
Of the snake
Los lobos
Bays in the
Dead of night
Warm blood
Against a cold heart
Makes the fog
That blinds the mind
From the nights kill
Hiding in the shadows
Howling from the soul
Laying in wait
No one knows
A cry in the night
The hunt is over
Next kill is nigh
Hear los lobos
Judas symphony
Plays again
Broken chords
Lost in the wind
Silent soul
Thunder no more
Wrest the night
Without the lights
Poison the minstrel
Cut the head
Off the lizard
Drive another stake
In the soul
Of the king
Belladonna's last dance
Grey and black's
Steely lance
Stands in the corner
Of thunder no more
The belly of the
Big black beast
Lies empty
Fasting on the night
Listen to the wind
See through the darkness
Of desperate eyes
Drink from the chalice
Of lust and lies
Feel the seduction
Wine of time
Taste the fruit
Of the vine
The river runs blue
With bittersweet crys
The moon's blood is blue
Through midnight's cloud
Mahogany sings
On thunder's wings
Machine gun madness
Echoes of lace
Electric witness
Secret places
You don't know
What i hear
When you say
The lion roars at dusk
Beckening the begotten home
Lost in the day
Don't become prey
To the pride of lust
Hunter of passion
Kills the weak
Striped eyes of confusion
Feast of kings
On paupers lots
Tear the flesh
From the bones
Bullets are cheaper
Than therapy
Do you think he's gonna jump
Yes or no
It doesn't matter
Once you've stood
On the edge
Looking down
It's all the same
Devil's in drag
Midnight's bride
Judas didn't eat much supper
Fallen angel
Face of another
Satan Sequesters the jury
As the victims
Did you get lost
Or find yourself
And just kept going
Seduction and deception
Lusts erection
Living in waste
Wanting to taste
Liquor of the chaste
Death by the roadside
Inherit the soul
Of the unknown
Just going to play
In the snow of angels
Lost in thorny bushes
Lose a glove
Lose innocence
Lose the child
Love is just
Periods of rest
From hate
Black sunday
Deaths way
Of laughing
IN your face
No spirits
No houses
Of the holy
Shadows remain
Silhouettes with no name
Found dead
In a bathtub grave
Parisian head
No one saved
Cinnamon and butterflies
Midnight barflies
OG dies
Anothe drive by
No moon rise
The wolf cries
Throw the dice
On paradise
No asylum
For the heart
No sanctuary
For the mind
No expression
For the eyes
No feeling
For the touch
No telling
For the tounge
No church
For the worship
No masturbation
For the soul
No taste
For the wine
Can you hear
The writing
On the wall
Lighthouse of shipwrecks
Ancient fossils from the sea
Mystery doors
Await on the other side
Looking through windows
Carve a cock's mourning
The death of night
Through another door
The bluesman plays his song
In smoke filled rooms
Where intoxicating women dance
With nothing on underneath
Alibis constructed
In dark rooms distruction
Girls with out faces
Giving head
The bluesman there
The song is different
The melody the same
Are you chasing dreams
Or running from demons
With so many
Ways to die
Why does a
Broken heart
Hurt the most

Dawn's journey is long
Through the desert
Of night
Murder and rape
Candles and pray
Last rites given
Newborn livin'
Cops doughnut shops
Bullets and blood
Mirror of society
Product of your ores
Hybrid new creatures
Altamonts lucifer
Has a new face
There is a thin line
Desperation and hope
Darkness invades
A desolate soul
Time cements the mind
Love bleeds the heart
Survival crucifies
Your faith
Deception strangles trust
Injustice in justice
Is justice
The lizard climbs
The long branch
To the house
Of metamorphosis
Natures socialization
Of mans masturbation
Larva can
Make you starve
With locust love
Eat the feast
Of the nest
Could I have
Ketchup with that
Who eats the apple
Out of the pigs mouth
Mourning bird warning
All they care about
Is a fuckin' worm
I eat you
You eat me
Choke on the bait
I am the night
Vampires and werewolves
Cyotes lonesome song
Masked in darkness
Free persuasions
Locked behind
Doors of light
The night am I
Chess of souls
Lost in the wilderness
Of the eighth deadly sin
Lunatic's sunday
Gunmans fun day
Jokers slumber
Can't sleep
Fuck the sheep
Climb the bridge
Out on the edge
Dawn's death
Night's last breath
Stars disappear
Scars appear
Carrousel horses
Count the corpses
Open the gate
To lusts den
Check your self
At the door
See the lesbians
Breasts to belly
Licking at the floor
Dancing whores
Take your pick
Spill yourself
The deserts night breeze
Lapped at the sweat
Of nakedness
The sun rises on
Desert highways
Not enough water
To make it to
The other side
Navajo way
Circle of fate
Begins the end
Stars fading
Doors are closed

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