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You can add backgrounds, colors, images, music and about any HTML codes to your email. For the codes you need go to the HTML Codes page. There are a few things you need to keep in mind when using HTML in your email sig. First, some computer browsers and email servers don't read HTML in their email. In that case your email would be blank. WebTV will let you see HTML. When you send an email to a computer user make sure their email can read HTML. If you are not sure just click the Remove Signature button at the bottom of your email. Do not put R.A.(real audio) music in your email sig. R.A. audio feeds have been reported jamming up WebTV units. The only way to get out of the jam is to unplug the unit because it won't turn off. I also wouldn't recommend putting too much stuff in your email sig. The more stuff in it the slower it loads. I have gotten some emails that took longer to load than a web site.

Some people prefer just a name, quote, thought or their web site address in their email signature. To do this you do NOT have to use HTML in your email signature box. Just type in your message or URL of your web site and it will be at the bottom of all your emails. All email servers can read this. If you are using your web site URL be sure to include http:// Most email servers will read it as a clickable link.

To get to your MsnTv email signature box, from your MsnTV HOME
click settings
click email
click signature

Below is an example of a basic email sig with background, text and link colors. An image as a clickable link and music. For more codes visit the HTML Codes page. You can use any codes but the first thing in the text box must be <html> in the upper left corner. The last thing in the text box must be </html>

<body bgcolor="#color here" text="#color here" link="#color here">
<a href="http://URL here"><img src="http://URL of image"></a>
<bgsound src="http://URL of music">

The code above will put the image at the bottom of your sent e-mail. You can also put an image right under the subject line or at the very top of your e-mail. To do this put one of the following codes after </html>. Yep, at the very end of your sig after the last </html>.

=Image Above Header=
</table></tr></td></table></tr></td><img src="http://URL of Image">

=Image Between Subject and Message=
</table></tr></td><img src="http://URL of Image">

When you are writing an e-mail with your image code above the header or after the subject it will show at the bottom or not at all while you are writing. It will show up and display properly in the sent e-mail.

Because some WebTV user e-mails have been hacked by e-mail bombs using html and some javascript, WebTV has suspended the use of said html and javascipt in the use of e-mail sigs both sent and received. This does not affect all html, so be sure to send an e-mail to yourself to make sure your html can be seen in your e-mails. WebTV said they are working to resolve these issues. For more info on WebTV bugs and issues go to the Cafe's WebTV Bugs page or, the WebTV Issues Forum.

If you are using an image or midi in your email sig make sure the host of that file will let you link to it. Some site hosts will not let anyone link to files in their domain. Most will say they do not allow linking to certain types of files in somewhere in their policy page.

Bounce Email~Get the HTML

You can find out how someone put html code in their email. You can also see what the name(url) is for an image or sound file.
To see the html in an email:

1...In your email box click the email you want to view

2...Click forward from the sidebar

3...If you have a signature click remove

4...Address the email to your WebTV email address...yourself

5...Go to the SUBJECT line and delete the text

6...Click return key 3 times...the first click puts you in the text area...the next two clicks makes two lines of space in the text area

7...Push your alt key and your Z key at the same...this makes the alt character for z

8...Push your cmd key and A key at the same time...this highlights the alt Z

8...Push cmd key and C key at the same time...this will copy the highlighted Z and spaces

9...Go back to the SUBJECT line...then push cmd and V at the same time...this pastes what you copied in the subject line

10...Click send

Go to your should get it it and you can now see the headers and html used in making that email signature.

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