With market conditions and revenue being down, a lot of "free" sites are shutting down, merging with other companies or starting to charge for previously free services. I will keep this list updated the best i can but changes are happening fast and frequent. If you find any links that have changed, are no longer free or are now .com ghosts.
If you use any of these or other free services, be sure to click their sponsers. It is what helps keep the services free.

~Free Site Hosts~

The most important part of any site is it's host. If your host is busy a lot, has a lot of down time or parts of their site builder don't work smooth, this means problems for you and your visitors. Some good hosts for WebTVers to build their site on are Tripod, Angelfire and Geocities. These host services are FREE!!! They have beginners and advanced site building sections with good support and html help.

TRIPOD...My personal choice. This site is built on Tripod. I have had no problems at all with any part of their page builder. They even have a section just for WebTvers. Tripod now offers 25 megs of free space.

Geocities...A good site host. I have experienced some problems with geocities being too busy to use. Their help response is good and file manager is easy to use.

Angelfire...This site host is really coming along. Their FTP is now a lot easier to use. The response to my help questions were less than adequate.

50 MEGS...Well there is plenty of space as the name implies. WebTVers will have trouble with their FTP, and help is very poor.

FreeServers...Several dot com addresses to choose from.

Free Yellow...12 megs of free space.

Free Site...30 megs of free space.

Bravenet...New in June 2001. Looks pretty good so far.

WebTV...The page builder section of WebTV is not one i recommend. Space is very limited. The scrapbook is cumbersome. Because of all the stuff (html you don't know about...go to a validator or site inspector and check your own page...there will be a lot of stuff you did not put in there) WebTV puts in their page builder parts it can mess up your html. There is NO html help from WebTV except for some lame alt groups. Most of the pages i have found for Webtv help are not built on WebTV's page builder. I could go on but you get the picture.

~Free Utilities~

Nedstat...A great free tracking system.

Extreme Tracking...Just what the name says.

LE Fastcounter...another good tracking system.

Network54...Fantastic Forum!

Bravenet...Free search engines, email forms, messageboards, counters, web space, etc.

Poll Now...Web Poll

Javascripts...Copy and paste free javascripts.

Guest World...A very nice guest book. Customize it to fit your site. It's free.

Glacier Web...Free guest book.

Free Guest Book...just what the name says.

Dreambook...Another free guest book.

Some of the free site hosts have their own utilities and other add ons for your site.

~Free Email-Voicemail~

Rick's Cafe...One of the best email servers i have found, that is why i offer it on my site. Compatible with WebTV and p.c. browsers.

Excite...Excellent e-mail but a bit slow on WebTv. can get your own .org .net.

Most free site hosts and portals offer free email accounts also.

Free Search Engines

Ultimate WebTV Search...WebTV only search.

WhatUSeek...a great site specific search and it's free.


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