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To be able to transload or use an image from your MsnTv scrapbook in your email signature the image must be on a published page from your pagebuilder. This gives your image a URL. A URL is an address, where the image is located.
The URL of a pagebuilder image will look like

To find the file name...From your pagebuilder index click the published page the image is on...then change page...then the image...then view. In the status bar you will see the file name of your image. Something like importD5_gif or mailedD1_jpg. When you use this file name in your URL you must change the _ to a . like this importD5.gif or mailedD1.gif.

Page name is what you named your published with the image on it. I suggest to simply call the page images.

User name is the name you use to log on to WebTv/MsnTv.

Note the upper case F in scrapbookFiles.

Pagebuilder URL for one of my images

There are a couple of ways to get an image to your scrapbook. If an image comes attached in an email, you can click "scrapbook" from the sidebar and it will save the image to your scrapbook.
If you know the URL of the image, you can use a scrapbook uploader. To use an uploader to get an image to your scrapbook you need the URL of that image. Image files use black backgrounds. The correct URL you need is the URL of the image on a black background like this. A lot free gif sites let you click a link that will take you to the image file with a black background. While viewing that image click "info" on your keyboard. That is the URL for that image. Put that URL in the scrapbook uploader and click. It will save that image to your scrapbook.

You can also find image URL's by using a source viewer. A source viewer lets you see the html code of a web page, including URL's.

Another way is to use filedex or similar image tool. Put the URL of the web page the image is on in the text box and click. This will give you the URL of the images on that page. You can then click the URL and the image will be on the black background you need.


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