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~Site Building Tips~

Source Viewer

Use a source viewer to see the html of a page. The source viewer will let you see the html codes used on a page. It is a great learning tool and way to find out how someone did something on their page. You can find a source viewer at the Cafe's Tools.

Be Responsible

Be a Responsible Webmaster. If your site has ANY content that children shouldn't view please check out my Meta Tags page and Safesurf Cybersitter Cyberpatrol on how to make your site so younger surfers can't view them. You don't have to do your whole site, just the pages that have the content you don't think children should see. It is a simple process of putting a couple of comment or meta tags in your html document. On the other hand if you want your site to be totally web safe for all viewing ages you can have your site rated as such. If you are a parent or guardian please use these services! WebTVers main sign up user can set the parental controls for their other users in the settings when the user is added.


Do not send SPAM (mass mailing-unsolicited email) to anyone. Don't ya just hate it when you get that junk? If you get a lot of junk mail (spam) and unsubscribe don't seem to be working, try my Get That Spammer page and help shut these $$hs down!


Transload or upload images, midis, wavs etc. to your own files. Linking to the image or midi on some other site or file will slow your load time down. Besides that, if their server is down for some reason you won't get that link on your page, and your page may not load properly. Then there is that thing about stealing bandwidth, and some servers won't let you link to image or music files.
A note on bandwidth and R.A. real audio music.....Midis, wavs and other stuff can be loaded to your own files. R.A. or real audio files can not be stored in file. When you load them to your files all you load is a link to the original file. This is why some don't work on your page, the server is busy or just won't let you link to the file. Yeah i know, all this from a site that has a "bandwidth stealing" r.a. jukebox on it. The point being if you want r.a. on you site, i havn't found another way of doing it. If you know of one, let me know!

Music in Email
Do not send R.A., real audio, in emails to WebTVers. It can lock up their WebTV box and they will have to unplug it to get it unlocked. This could cause damage the WebTV unit. Midis are ok to send in emails, they don't cause the problems real audio does.

Test Page

Build a test page to see what your images, html, colors, fonts etc. will look like before you put it on a page on your site. When you are satisfied with what is on your test page, copy and paste it to your site page.

Load Time

Make sure your site loads fast. If your page starts loading slower because you keep adding content, make another page and put some of the content there, then link to it from your main page.

Graphics make a page load slower, animated graphics use even more space. If you use a lot of graphics on your site try putting them on different pages on your site instead of all on one page.

Set height, width and border on your images. This helps the load time because your browser knows the parameters and you don't have to wait for it to cypher it on it's own.

Reduce the colors in your graphics. You can go to a service like gifworks and reduce the colors in your images. This makes the file smaller and it loads quicker. Most images can stand 33% reduction in color with out any difference. I have reduced some images as much as 50% with out any noticeable difference to the image, but it saved space and load time is faster.

A lot of Javascript can cause a page to load slower. Javascript is cool and you can do a lot of fun things with it but some long scripts eat a lot of space and load time.

Just Because

There are many ways to the same end on a web site. Just because you learn something new or find something that looks cool on another site doesn't mean that it will look cool or fit with the flow of your site. Choose content that adds to the groove and consistency of your site.

Use A Search Engine

The Search Engine is your friend. Use it. There are a lot of search engines out there. Use them to find info on what you want to know. Some search engines use different criteria than others to index pages or sites. You may have to try several to find the exact results you are looking for.

~Keyboard Basics~

Knowing what your keyboard can do will help you surf and build your site faster. Here are some tips to get you rockin' and rollin' on your keyboard.

~CMD Key~

Press the CMD and R (reload) at the same time to reload your page after you have made changes to it. Some times your changes don't show up immediatly after saving them so you need to reload. Also on some sites you need to reload when you get there to see the latest changes they have made.

Press CMD and Scroll Up or Scroll Down to go to the very top or bottom of the page you are on.

Use the BACK key to get to where you were before. If you happen to go to a page that you didn't want or mean to go to, just push the BACK key on your keyboard to get out of it. You can also push the Back key as many times as it takes to get back to where you want to be.


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