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My web site started off as mainly a music site. With info on my band, midi music, links to some stuff I liked and a few pictures. It turned in to mainly an HTML site after I started putting all the codes I needed for my site on a page so I could just copy and paste them to my new page. I could never remember the exact code and made a lot of typo's in my code while I was learning the keyboard.
I titled that page "my html help page". Before I even knew what they were or what they did, search engines pick up on the html help part and people that were looking for "html help" were hitting my page. Questions about HTML started filling my email. I had to stop displaying my email address because the amount of email received was more than I have time to answer.
The codes on my site are basic HTML codes. Nothing too fancy or difficult. I have found a lot of codes and javascript are just for show and don't do anything to enhance or make your web page better. In fact, it can be just the opposite. A bunch of fancy codes can make your web page slow to load. Also, not as much as it used to be, different types of code can conflict with each other.
Even though I use some CSS and Javascript in my web pages now, it all started with the basic HTML tags I learned from trying to build my first web page. I hope these codes will give you the web page or site you want. Even if you want or need your web pages to be more complex, you need to know basic HTML code as a foundation to other forms of coding.
I started on the internet with WebTv, later renamed MsnTv after Microsoft bought it. A part of my web site was dedicated to just WebTv, until MsnTv's demise a few years ago. After Microsoft took over WebTv it went straight to hell. It seems Microsoft bought WebTv just for the technology at the time. Microsoft did not do anything for WebTv, they just did not want anyone else to have the technology. After MS bought WebTv, computers and the internet went on to major advances. MsnTv was left way behind. Except for the few users that still have MsnTv from years ago, no new units or service is available. During the early years I started a Forum about WebTv. Sadly for MsnTv most posts were about problems and issues with the units and service. People were looking for solutions to Msntv's many problems. Needless to say there were no solutions to the little black box's many issues.
Today, my site is mainly an HTML help site to help beginners start there own web site. It also has info on my music and current band or music project. Other popular pages are the rock midi's and Christmas gifs and midi's. In 1998 this site was just one page. It has come a very long way since then and has helped thousands of people start their own web site.

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