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Web Site News

February 2021
Working on my weather pages. Adding, moving, some things around so there may be a temporary
issue or outage getting to some of the weather pages.

January 2019
Starting to update my site. Some new things, some old things changed or updated. So, if a few things are missing
or not working properly in the next few weeks, it's just the update blues and will be fixed soon.

May 2016
A mobile weather page is now available. This is not an app. It is just a stripped down version of the weather page on my web site. It is available Here

December 2015
I am now a beta tester with Weather Underground. I am testing a new app for android users. The new app should be ready for general release in a few months. So far it is great. Download it when it comes out and set my station KWVHUNTI7 to default. The app will show current conditions of my weather station.

May 2015
With the popularity of my web site growing, comes some growing pains.
At certain times, especially during eminent bad weather,
my weather pages get an enormous amount of page views.
My weather pages alone some days exceeds my bandwidth allotment from my host provider.
This leads to my weather pages not being available until the bandwidth level drops.
This can be a couple of hours or more.
I pay for this space and bandwidth but, I can not afford the cost of extra
bandwidth use due to excessive page loads at some peak times.
I am asking friends and users of Rick's Cafe weather pages to make a donation so extra bandwidth
can be purchased to make the weather pages available at all times.
Donations can be made through paypal to wvrocker@msn.com
In the mean time I am working to reduce the bandwidth used by my weather pages.
This means less weather data available on each page for now.

June 2014
Over the next couple of months I will be making some changes to the Cafe. None of the current content will be affected. Some of the content will be condensed or moved to other pages. Most of the changes are cosmetic and will not be dramatic. New logo and some color changes etc. So if you find something on the site not working properly it is just me making some changes. Check back in a few days and all should be good.

January 2014
An airport delay map has been added to the weather pages. The map shows current delay times at major U.S. airports.

April 2013
New on the weather home page, check out
West Virginia Interstate Traffic Cams for live road conditions, accidents and traffic congestion.
Along with school closings, power outages and active interstate snow removal.

June 2012
Added another page of weather info and data. Some included info is
a larger version of the Hurricane Tracker along with an El Nino sea temperature map.

December 2011
My Personal Weather Station is now online and is sending data to CWOP (Citizens Weather Observer Program).

October 2011
Added data and updated the Cafe's Weather pages.

August 2011
To the weather pages, added a page of Weather Terminology and definitions. Also new to the weather pages is a Hurricane/Tropical Storm Tracker.

May 2011
A Conversion Calculator page is new. Conversions of distance, weight, volume, speed temperature, humidity, heat index, wind chill and pressure are possible with this conversion calculator.

An updated version of the Image Converter/Optimizer is now ready to use.

February 2011
New page of current Commodity Prices that includes oil, gold, gasoline prices and world stock market prices. Plus more consumer prices and vital statistics.

December 2010
Live cam of the Aurora Borealis from Yellowknife In Canada's Northwest Territories.
The camera is available after dark mountain standard time.

November 2010
Added a new page of codes for Filters.

September 2010
More updates to the WEATHER pages

June 2010
A new page of internet terms and acronyms is now available.

Rick's cafe welcomes a new sponsor, Blue Frog.
Advertise your web site on Rick's Cafe.

May 2010
The Cafe can now be translated to twenty seven languages via the On Site Translator.

March 2010
A new page about Fonts has been added. An additional page of Color Codes is now available.

February 2010
The Cafe is being updated and some new content added. Most of the work though, is behind the scenes. Over the next few weeks/months some links may not work properly because of this updating. Outages, if any, will be temporary.

Added a page of ALTernate keyboard symbols while in the Number Lock mode.

In addition to the new updates last month for the Weather Page two new weather info pages have been added to the weather section. Weather Page 2   Weather Page 3

January 2010
The Weather Pages have been updated to allow more live weather conditions especially for Huntington and the Tri-State area.

October 2009
NEW Halloween Gif Page

June 2009
Finally, after ten years, I have added an About page. A few paragraphs about how this site started.

May 2009
Rick's Cafe welcomes a new sponsor Webhostingsearch.com
If you need a web host, this site has got a bunch to choose from.

March 2009
CSS code on how to change the Scroll Bar Colors for your page has been added.

February 2009
The main page, codes, codes2, codes3 and tables are now done with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). All are compliant with W3C standards for CSS.
Valid CSS!

January 2009
I have released the new front page for Rick's Cafe. All the old content is still there, just in a new look package. Soon all pages will have the updated 2009 colors, headers and footers.

December 2008
I have purchased my disk space here at Tripod. With the bandwidth limits on my free account the Cafe was unavailable at times because of heavy traffic. While it makes me happy so many people find my site useful, the more people, more hits, the more bandwidth used. I now have a fairly good amount of bandwidth so the Cafe should be available at all times as long as I can continue to pay for bandwidth. Did I mention no more ads on the Cafe's pages:)

Added a dozen new Christmas Midis for the holiday season.

November 2008
Soon all pages relevant to just WebTv/MsnTv will have an MsnTv logo on the page.

The MsnTv/WebTv pages have been archived and won't be updated any more. There is only so much you can say about a door-stop but, if there is any new news at all about MsnTv it will be posted in the Cafe Forum.

October 2008
I will be shutting down The Cafe's email with the Everyone.net brand. There is nothing wrong with Everyone.net's email. I just don't have time to keep it up like it should be. Close down of the email is set for January 2, 2009 11:59pm EDT. If you have important emails saved you need to get them out NOW. Once the email is shut down all access to all information from all users will NOT be available ever again.

September 2008
New counters from extreme tracking will soon be operational on all pages. I really hate to loose all the hits and info that have been collected over the past nine years on the old counters. The old counters are becomming obsolete because of all the new technical advances with p.c.'s and the internet.

April 2008
Added page transitions.
Updated the clocks page.
Added a basic cursors page.

March 2008
Added mouseover image change, mouseover color change and mouseover link color change.
Character Codes has been updated.
Char Codes

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