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html help


Because the clocks are all on one page only one of the clocks,
the one in the title and task bar, is working properly.
The other two are showing, one on the page and one in the status bar.
However, they do not run on this page because of conflict in the javascripts
all being on one page. Put just one on your page and it will work properly.

Status Bar Clock

This javascript code will give you a clock
in the status bar with day, month, year and am/pm.
It goes between the <body> and </body> tags.
When you loaded this page a clock
should be showing in your browser's status bar.

Page Clock

This is an in line clock.
This clock can be put anywhere in the BODY of a html document.
Part 2 is the line of code needed for the clock to show.
Part 1 can be put anywhere as long as it is before part 2.

Clock In Title and Task Bar

This will put a clock in your browser's title bar and task bar.
Your title bar is at the very top of your browser window.
At the same time a clock will also be displayed in the browser's task bar.
The task bar is at the very bottom of your screen.

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