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html help

arial ARIAL

arial black ARIAL BLACK

verdana VERDANA

courier new COURIER NEW

times new roman TIMES NEW ROMAN

comic sans ms COMIC SANS MS

helvetica HELVETICA

georgia GEORGIA

lucida console LUCIDA CONSOLE

times TIMES

tahoma TAHOMA

There are lots of different fonts but, these fonts seem to look the best on web pages.

Can you read this font ok?
This font is verdana.


HTML Font type is specified in the font tag with the face attribute.
font face="font name here" /font

Font tag with Face, Size and Color.

The font tag is being depreciated as new forms of coding evolve.
I use CSS for my font tags now.
I use these in the DIV and P(paragraph) elements with the Style tag.



CSS Font tag with Family, Size, Color and Weight.

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