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Meta Tags
Meta tags can tell browsers to do certain things such as, redirect a page to a new url or reload a page amoung other things. Meta tags are read by browsers and do not show up on your page. One of the best things meta tags do is give your site a description and keywords for search engines to read (spider). If you have a lot of different content on your site you can put meta tags on each page so the search engines can reference the content on each page. Once you have meta tags on your page or site you can then submit it to search engines, more on that later.

The description meta tag will include a short description of your site. Describe your site as exactly as possible. Try to stay away from too many general terms. For example, if you have a music site, use the type of music, is it midis and/or real audio, a biography of an artist, lyrics, charts etc. Most search engines will recognize 50-200 characters in a meta description.

The keyword meta tag will include keywords on your page. Using the music site example you would include words such as....music, midi, midis, rock, roll, real audio, ra, rock lyrics....be specific. You may also want to include common misspellings of a word. Most search engines recognize 200-500 characters in a meta keyword tag....Note...in the keyword tag separate the words with a comma.

Copy and paste the code below to your web page. Then in the content use your own description and keywords. The meta tags go between the <head> </head> tags.

After you have placed the meta tags on your page you are ready to submit your site to search engines. There are several ways to do this. You can pay to have your site submitted to search engines. If you are in it for money/business this might be the best, because pay services submit to a lot of search engines at once. Some sites such as Looksmart that have pay services also will submit your site to just a few serch engines for free. Another site Webowner will submit your site to a lot of search engines if you will display their link on your site for a while. If you are in a hurry or have extra money these might be for you. It may take a little time but you can submit your site to search engines one at a time for free. Most search engines have a link for submitting a site to it's directory and/or search engine. Just go to some of your major sites such as... Excite Lycos Snap Yahoo...and look for the submit site link. Some take 6-8 weeks to spider your site so don't expect results right away.

Page Redirect
This meta tag is useful if you move your site and want to transport visitors to your new url from your old url. This tag goes between the <head> </head> tags...Note... Replace 10 with the number of seconds you want before the page automatically transfers to the new url... Replace URL here with the new url.

No Cache
The no-cache tags prevents a browser from putting the page in its cache. This will ensure your visitor gets the latest updated version of your page. Since the browser can't find the page in its cache, (the first place it looks) it receives the url as new.

No Index
Prevents a robot, such as a search engine uses, from spidering or indexing a page. The noindex element tells the robot not to index that page. The follow element tells the robot not to follow and index the links on a page.

No Image Indexing
Prevents images from being indexed. Only text will be indexed.
No Image Click
Prevents images from being directly linked. Instead there is only a link to the page.

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