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html help

Copy and Paste the codes on to your page...For information on how to Copy and Paste Click Here
Put your own text where it says text here.
Replace URL with the http:// address you want that link to go to.

Basic Page

Body Tag
Inside the body tag you can set the background, text, link and visited link colors for your page.
Replace color with the color number you want.

Background Image
Replace color with the color number you want and URL with address of your image.

Background Sound

A Clickable Speaker to start music

Basic Text Link

Put an Image on your page

Make an Image a Link

Change color of your text
You can change the color of your text.

Different kinds of text
This is bold text
This is italic text
This is underlined text
This is teletype text

Click Link Button

Same Page Link
Replace gotohere with any text you want.

Specific Point Link on Any Page
Replace gotohere with any text you want.

A Line
Change 50% to the percent you need.

Line Break
Use br to break a line of text or put a line of space between items on your page.
You can use several br's in a row to give you more spaces.

Make a Marquee
Rick's Cafe Rock~n~Roll

Email Link

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