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html help

Copy the codes below and paste them into your source code to add these features to your page.
For information on how to Copy and Paste Click Here.
Replace where you see the letters "URL" with the http:// address you want that link to go to.

Page Redirect
This code goes between the head tags...replace 10 with the number of seconds you want.
Click for redirect example

MouseOver Pop-Up Alert
Note the difference in " " and ' '
MouseOver Example

Click Pop-Up Alert
Note the difference in " " and ' '

This text is centered

This text is not centered                       

Text/Font Size
Font size 1  Font size 2  Font size 3  Font size 4
Font size 5  Font size 6  Font size 7

Text/Font Size & Color

Reload Button

Back Button

Text in Status Bar Link:

Rick's Cafe

Sidebar goes after the <body> tag
WebTv only code. IE browers can see the sidebar but it scrolls with the page.

Audioscope (WebTV Only):
You can change the gain, offset, colors, width and height.

Text Box
Replace ( ) with < >

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